Signs You Are Not An Alpha Male

10 Signs You Are Not An Alpha Male

Although many want (and pretend) to be alpha males, it is actually harder than it sounds. This is not something you can learn at school or in a book, being an alpha male is a way of life to which you’re accustomed to. However, not everyone is able to practice these habits that make alpha males so special. In fact, you might even be the complete opposite, a beta male. Want to know if you’re one?

You never apologize

An alpha male always knows when he’s done wrong and will always be willing to recognize his error and apologize to whoever he harmed. Beta males, on the other hand, will use any imaginable excuse there is to escape from their responsibility. Even if it is clear that they’ve done wrong, they will never have the courage to admit their mistake and apologize.


You’re a boot licker

If you’re in a subordinate position, you will do anything in order for your leader to like you, even if you know that what you’re doing is wrong and should not be done. Alpha males don’t suck up to anyone, because they don’t need. Alpha males are the leaders that can easily notice when someone is being genuinely nice and when someone is trying to get something from them. Alpha males are very respectful and straight-forward, but will never be bootlickers, that we can assure.


You’re lazy

No matter how annoying or tedious a task may seem, an alpha male will always accept his responsibility and act accordingly. If you are a born procrastinator who postpones everything until the deadline, you can be sure that you are far from being an alpha male.

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This is also the main reason why alpha males are punctual, because they don’t leave things for the last-minute. Alpha males always prevent eventualities by think in long-term and finishing their tasks quickly. A beta male, on the other hand, is often late to his appointments and dates. You have to consider that this is a sign of lack of respect towards the person who was waiting for you.


You like gossip

If you’re lazy and have nothing productive or useful to do, you’re bound to start with the bad habits, and one of them is gossip. Alpha males don’t care about gossip because they know that they are not their problem. Alpha males know that talking behind someone’s back is wrong and is a sign of weakness and cowardly. Alpha males often have important things to do, which is why they don’t have time to lose gossiping or hearing other people’s arguments. They know gossip is never productive and by gossiping, they are simply wasting their time and energy.

In fact alpha men are the biggest hater of gossip. You don’t mind pointing out other people’s failings and weaknesses and having a good laugh. But you never betray your pack.


You don’t think before acting

Beta males are just like kids in many ways. For instance, neither of them will think about the consequences of their acts. They are the kind of people who will stick their finger into the socket because they have nothing better to do and have run out of gossip to talk about. A true alpha male thinks about what he is going to do and often takes the best decision possible. Alpha males often think about their future, while beta males only care about the present.

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You are a liar

An alpha male does not have the need to lie because he does things right. If he has done wrong and is in a compromising position, you can bet he will accept his responsibility and will not come up with excuses.


You complain a lot

If you are some one who finds fault in everything, then you can be sure that you are not alpha material. If you are someone who are not happy with anything, then you need to change, fast. Alpha male does not complain about things he cannot change. Even when he find fault in something he makes sure that he finds a solution for that as well.


Friendship means nothing to you

Are you capable of betraying a friend for your own benefit? If the answer is yes, then you can be completely sure that you are not an alpha male. Alpha males know that a good friendship is far more valuable than any material thing there is. For that reason, he will never dare betray a friend just to take advantage of the situation. In the contrary, he will always be willing to give them a hand and put their need before his. Not only is he a good friend, but he is also a good boyfriend. He understands that his woman deserves to be treated accordingly and will never betray her or disrespect her.


You panic in a crisis

Alpha men know they are in charge of any situation. Any adversary for him is a challenge that is waiting to be accepted. He keeps a level head in any tough situation and emerge conquering that crisis. Instead of taking quick rash decisions, he thinks his way through and makes his duty to resolve the crisis.

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You let her pay for the dinner

An alpha male does not ever let his female companion pay the bill for the dinner. An alpha male is chivalrous and paying for the dinner is a part of that. It also means that you are not supposed to ask her to split the bill. It is so uncool. Even if she tries to contribute her share, take the bill and say, “I’ll take care of it”.

If you can relate to one or more of these characteristics then you have work to do. Try to evaluate where your life is going and ask yourself if you are an alpha male or not. Only when you recognize your mistakes will you be able to be a better man.