Alpha male traits

Top 10 Alpha Male Traits

Being an alpha male is something most men wish but only a few can achieve. It should be no surprise that alpha males are the ones that predominate and stand out from the others. But why? What makes them so special? What makes them be perceived as manlier or more attractive? A number of things, in fact. There are certain characteristics that will determine whether you are an alpha male or not.  Want to find out if you’re one? Check out the top 10 alpha male traits.

He is confident

This might sound as that cliché that says “women don’t like bad guys, they just like confidence”. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing that, but no one can deny that alpha males are incredibly comfortable with who they are. Not only that, but they are proud of themselves and cannot be influenced by other people’s ways. This is because they don’t care of what others think about them.


He won’t get carried away

You will never see an alpha male giving a tantrum over silly stuff. They are known for remaining calm and cold-minded regardless of the circumstances. That’s why they always come up with a viable solution when problems arise. Because they never get desperate, they always think straight and are perfect problem solvers.


He is a natural leader

They’re leaders not because they want to, but because others seek answers in them. They are capable of driving a whole group of people into a success and are never afraid of speaking or performing in public. An alpha male can always be trusted, which is why people always turn for them where they need to solve a problem.

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He does not need to be proven

“Any man who must say ‘I am king’ is no true king”. This phrase from a popular TV series proofs that a true alpha male is not a show off and does not need to prove others that he is what he is. An alpha male is always himself, he never pretends to be something he is not. After all, he doesn’t need to.


He is optimistic

Alpha males always look the positive side of everything because they know they can solve any problem. No issue is too big for them, which is why you will never see an alpha male complaining about something they cannot solve.


He knows how to communicate

Every word that comes out of their mouths has a deep and insightful meaning. Alpha males perfectly know how to influence others just by speaking to them. This is why you will always find them in important positions within a company or even a country.


He is a gentleman

An alpha male is not rude to women, he knows how to treat them well without seeming too much of a “good guy”. Women often find this neutral attitude pretty mysterious and interesting, which is why they feel attracted to them.


He knows how to dress

An alpha male does not care about what others think about them, but that doesn’t keep them from having an impeccable dress code. They are always perfectly washed and tailored. They dress well not because they have to, but because they want to be the best version of themselves.

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He is a good person

He might seem a little bit serious and distant, but he will always seek for the greater goof. Individual profits are not a concern for him, as he is worried about being useful to the society and being a better person with every action he does. An alpha male will never show selfishness towards others. They will always put others before them.


He never has enough

A man is never content with what he’s got because he knows she can always do better. As we said before, he wants to be the best version of himself, and will always be fighting to achieve it. The day he’s had enough will be the day you find him buried underground while countless people cry around his grave because he will always be remembered as a true man.


These are some of the traits all the alpha males share. Perhaps you can now understand why they are so special and why they usually stand out among other men. So, are you an alpha male? Let us know in the comments below.