Alpha Male vs Beta Male

What Makes an Alpha Male Different From a Beta Male

When given the chance to choose, people always prefer alpha males. From women to other men, people will always want to be by an alpha male’s side. Whether it is in a romantic relationship or at work alpha males are true leaders. But why? What is it that makes them so different from one another? Let’s find out.


Alpha males are confident, betas are full of doubts

Alpha males are confident, betas are full of doubts.

Alpha males are often confused with bad guys because they have an admirable confidence that can sometimes be confused with arrogance. Nevertheless, this is the confidence that makes them so trustworthy and valuable to anyone.

Unlike alpha males, beta males aren’t comfortable with themselves which is why they are extremely pretentious and often times extremely narcissistic. This excessive love for oneself is a way to hide the impotence and self-doubt that exist in the person.


Alpha males don’t lie, beta males need to lie

Beta males need to lie

Because alphas always think before acting, they don’t usually are in situations in which they need to lie. Even if they did, they will always admit their responsibility and be honest. The complete opposite occurs with betas though. Because they are so lazy and loose, they always try to escape from commitments that involve any kind of responsibility by lying. Most of the times their lies are discovered leaving them uncovered and without the little confidence they had.


Alphas know how to treat women, betas struggle to even talk to them

Alpha know how to treat woman

Because alphas don’t care at all about what others people think about them they will always be themselves. This is something that many women find attractive: confidence. Alphas know exactly how to balance humour and charisma in order to delight and attract women. They don’t need to lie or pretend they are something they aren’t, for it is enough with what they’ve got.

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Betas, on the other hand, need to use tricks and deceptions to get a woman because they don’t think they are capable of getting a woman by their own means. A common mistake they commit when they meet a woman is trying to attract her by buying her expensive things. Women will be grateful and happy, but won’t be attracted to them. Words are the only things that can make them fall in love. Unfortunately, unlike alphas, betas don’t know how to use them to their favour.

Once they have a girlfriend, an alpha male will treat her like she deserves. He will respect her and will never insult her or embarrass her. An alpha knows that his girlfriend is his queen and must be treated with respect and love.

The complete opposite occurs with betas though, for they are terrible with women. Furthermore, they tend to be unfaithful to their partner. This is probably the worst thing a man could do to a woman. A man who doesn’t know how to cherish his woman is far from being an alpha.


Unlike betas, alpha males care about their friends

Unlike betas, alpha males care about their friends

A man who is capable of betraying a friend in order to get some sort of benefit definitely needs to learn a lesson. Alphas know that a friendship is worth more than all the money in the world and aren’t willing to throw it away just to get some benefit out of it. They will always put their friends needs before theirs. He knows that helping his friends is more valuable than anything he could get in return for betraying them.

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On the other hand, betas don’t cherish their friends and are willing to do anything in order to be benefited. Even if it means hurting a close friend. They are easy to manipulate and are usually tempted by money. They won’t learn the lesson until they’ve run out of friends and are left alone with no one to bear with them.


These are some of the major differences you will find between beta and alpha males. You could say that alpha males are overall better people. They care about other’s well being and are willing to help anyone who is in need of a hand. Betas, on the other hand, have a lot of aspects in which they could improve. They have to learn that friends and relatives are more important that material things.