who is the beta male

What Is a Beta Male?

Among all the kinds of men you will be able to encounter, beta males are the most numerous. If you already know what an alpha male is, then betas are the complete opposite. Needless to say, they have all the traits and characteristics that you should avoid.


What makes them so “special”?

We use the word special among apostrophes because they are actually the most common type of men. However, they have some very particular traits that are definitely not desirable. Meta males are men with no ambitions who are afraid of themselves. They will never challenge themselves and will never be willing to get out of their comfort zone. It is quite unfortunate that we have millions and millions of men like this in our society. If we could trade them for some alpha males, you could bet our world would be a better place.


He is not authentic

Don’t get confused, this doesn’t mean beta males cannot be unique. In fact, you can find some beta males that are pretty weird and quirky. What we mean is that they deeply care about what others think about them and will often act like chameleons. This means they will adapt their ways and looks to fit with others. Of course, they are not confident and are very unlikely to stand out among others.


He gives up

A beta male is usually a lazy person who will give up to even the slightest of the obstacles. They don’t care about being problems solvers because they have alpha males to handle everything. They prefer to take the easy way out and abandon the ship with no regrets whatsoever. Of course, these men cannot be trusted when troubles arise, for they will only care about themselves. If they can find a solution that will solely benefit them, you can bet they will go for it.

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He makes excuses

A Beta male will never accept defeat, not because he always succeeds, but because he will always excuse himself. If his asked to do a favor or complete a certain task and does not feel like it, he will invent a random excuse to escape from his responsibility. In most of his excuses he plays the role of the victim in order to convince others that he is innocent and deserves to be understood. Beta males will always look for the easy way to complete things, no matter if they are done poorly or aren’t even done at all.


He does not know what he wants

A beta male doesn’t have a clear objective in life. He will just go wherever the circumstances take him. If he is destined to be rich and successful, he is cool with is. If he is destined to be poor and miserable, he is cool with it. He will not do anything to alter his future, as he only thinks about the present. For this reason, it is hard to encounter beta males in managerial and important positions. They are suited to lead others, but they are made to follow.


He will always show off his few traits

Because he just has a handful of traits, he will do everything and anything to make them noticeable. He will always pretend to be something more than he really is because he deeply cares about what others say. If you really get to know him you will realize that he isn’t even the half of what he claims to be. Instead of actually trying to be better, he just pretends it.

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He is shy

A beta man is so shy he will be terrified of trying new things and meeting new people. His shyness actually keeps him from achieving big things in life. He is too terrified because he thinks everything will go wrong. To avoid problems he just decides to do nothing and hide in his house until the storm ends. Of course, alpha males will usually take advantage of this and will take the lead, just like they always do.


If you want to be cherished by other people and, most importantly, if you want to be a better man, avoid all these unhealthy habits. Beta males are not particularly known for getting far in life, so if you want to be successful, you have to change your way of living right now.