How to be an alpha male

How to Be an Alpha Male

In our vast and varied society we can find numerous kinds of men, all very different from one another. However, there is one kind of men that cannot help to stand out among others and be seen as the better male. We’re talking about the alpha males. Needless to say, most men want to become an alpha man, but just a few achieve it. In order to help those frustrated betas here you have some tips and recommendations you should follow to successfully become an alpha male.


Always be yourself

No matter what others have to say about you or your personality, never try to change who you are. What makes alpha male so unique is the fact that they don’t care at all about what other men say because they deeply know they are better than them but they don’t say. If you want to become an alpha male then stop changing you’re your personality to blend in with the others and be  comfortable with who you are.

If you’re going to change, then do it because you believe there’s something about you that can be improved. Don’t do it because others don’t like you. No matter how many times you change your ways, there will always be people who won’t like you, so get used to it.


Don’t despair

Don’t make a big deal out of an insignificant problem that can be solved by taking your time to think straight. Alpha males are known as good problem solvers because they never freak out when the consequences are not to their favour. If you always remain calm you will always be able to find an exit, even to the darkest and the deepest cave there is.

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Don’t be selfish

A man who solely think about himself is no true man. Instead of basing your decisions on your personal benefit, think about how your actions and decisions will affect others. If someone need your assistance, always remember to give them a hand for an alpha male will always put others needs before his.


Be humble

No matter how you are at something, never be a show off. Not only will you be rejected by others, but you will be instantly crushed when you find someone who is better than you. Always remember to keep a low profile and people will start following you and admiring once they discover your traits by themselves without you shoving them down their throats.


Dress accordingly

We’re not telling you to be in a suit and tie all the time like the womaniser Barney Stinson. Nevertheless, always remember to be clean and neat. A clean person is often seen as an organized person who can also be trusted by others. If you wander with smelly clothes and greasy hair, people won’t even want to approach you.


Treat women accordingly

This doesn’t mean you should treat them as if they were princesses, because they aren’t. However, be respectful to them and, most importantly, be a gentleman. When you see a girl who could use a hand do not hesitate to offer your assistance. If she denies it, politely walk away. These are the little details that will make you an alpha male. It is worth to mention that you should not be unfaithful to your couple. This is probably the lowest thing a man could do to a woman, so avoid it at all costs if you want to even be considered a male.

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Be fit

It’s not about showing your abs to every person that runs into to you, it’s about being healthy, both on the inside and on the outside. A healthy and fit person is perceived as a cleaner and responsible person who cares about their well-being. Without even noticing, you will inspire more confidence and trust.


If you’re trying to become an alpha male, these are the main tips you should follow. Remember you won’t find a complete guide or book on how to become an alpha male. This is something that can only be achieved by constant practice and the development of healthy habits.

Another piece of advice is that you try to always be the best version of yourself. Once you achieve this you will have become an alpha male without even trying.