Online dating is the new normal.

10 proven ways to succeed in online dating during this pandemic.

Alpha Men, It’s more swiping and less meeting now.

Online dating apps are more popular than before. Women are becoming more selective about meeting up in person amid social distancing measures. Instead, daters are chatting on apps longer and getting creative with virtual options such as video calls, online games, and Netflix Party.

The pandemic has exposed the fragility and impermanence of life to everyone. More and more people want to cherish each opportunity to meet something good under such complex and uncertain circumstances, which greatly boosted their willingness to meet new friends and communicate with others.

We made a list of 10 important tricks all Alpha Men use while dating online. Whether you want a serious relationship or something more casual, these tips will help you find the right person. Always remember there’s no formula when it comes to online dating, but from our experience, these tips work.

pandemic dating - 10 proven ways to succeed in online dating during this pandemic.

  1. Make the first move. The Alpha Men always make the first move.  If you match with someone, make the first move. Don’t wait for them to write to you. Instead, the minute you two match, send them a cute message. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or “unique,” your goal is just to make contact with them. Then, take it from there.
  2. Use your best high-quality photos. Grab the opportunity to make a solid first impression. Don’t post half-faced images of yourself or ones where you’re blurred out. This is a dating profile, not an art installation. Use high-quality photos that show off your best features. If you’re trying to hide your face, that’s a big red flag for women out there.
  3. Keep your profile short and smart. Though you want to be honest and show people who you are, no one wants to read an essay. When it comes to knowing how to date online, remember to keep your profile short and smart. Yes, show off your best attributes and mention some things about yourself, but if they’re interested they’ll need to pursue you. Then, you can go into more detail.
  4. Be honest. When it comes to the online world, we bet you’ll find people who aren’t telling the truth. You’ll realize they’re lying soon enough. But what’s important is you approach online dating with honesty. You don’t need to tell them your life story, but be honest about what you’re looking for and want from a relationship. Alpha Men are always honest with their partners.
  5. Slow dating is the new normal. Millennials are spending more time getting to know each other by having deeper conversations and forming emotional connections before meeting physically during this pandemic time. So don’t rush when you slide into her DM, keep it in the Alpha Men way – smart and slow.
  6. Expect rejection. There will be times where someone would suddenly delete or unmatch you. You will have no idea why but be prepared for it. Maybe they met someone else; maybe they didn’t like you. At first, you’ll be really hurt. But after a while, it will become a reality. People are going to reject you and some of them will do it harshly. Use your Alpha Male powers and never lose self-belief.
  7. Know your personal boundaries.  When we’re talking to potential matches, we’re usually focusing on the positive attributes, which is completely fine. You should look at the positive characteristics of people. But, you shouldn’t forget the deal-breakers. As an Alpha Man you’re the one in charge, so create limits for yourself of what you will and will not accept.
  8. Share different types of photos. Unleash your Instagram most liked photos into the DM. No one wants to see 15 selfies that look exactly the same. Your profile should have pictures that show different parts of you. Have a body shot, a selfie, and some photos of you doing things you love. You need to create a profile that has depth, giving people the ability to see different sides of you.
  9. Flaunt your best qualities. Within a couple of seconds, someone will decide whether or not they want to speak with you. So, your profile needs to show off your best qualities. Basically, you’re marketing yourself. Share your interests, post good photos, show your social media; give them your all.
  10. Stop worrying about nailing a pickup line. If you think that you must have a witty, thoughtful, and overall brilliant opener when you’re messaging someone first on a dating app. That’s just not true. Sure, it could be cool if you managed to find a funny opener, but if you can’t do that, don’t stress. It doesn’t matter what you open with as long as you open.
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Online dating is the new normal.

Always make sure whenever meeting somebody from the internet you should always meet in a public, crowded place, and be aware of exactly who they are to save you from being tricked or catfished.

You are no longer resigned to the women in your town and have the opportunity to date people globally, which is much more exciting and enthralling than sitting around in your town center hoping to bump into the right one. So what are you waiting for?